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long needed updating

Howdy, so i left off on the 3rd of november. let me catch up and first say, happy Thanksgiving! Merry Christmas! and a Happy New Year! i don't think i missed anything unless there's a hidden holiday somewhere in between those times.Wow so okay i left a lot of u in the cold and unaware of what i've been up to.Did i mention in the past that i was going to get a job at Bath n' Body Works? well u know now.i got hired there only for seasonal. The expierence was fantastic and dreadful sometimes, ahh the biter sweet of working.as u have all ready figured out they let me go, on new years day. I went yesterday to pick up my last check and signed a paper saying that i was now terminiated from their system. I'm still working at sylvan, also i'm going to take a phycology class for spring, but i still need to go out and look for another job because i can't make it on sylvans pay.

I got some good stuff on Christmas, ate a lot of chocolate.Kevin and i are together still and falling more in love each day. (don't puke on me 'cause of all the lovey dovey stuff)Other that that there's nothing else of interest, just some minor details that i'm too lazy to write, 'cause this update is long enough.so i bid u all a good day, i said GOOD DAY!
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