k+c 4 life! (kimmiecakes4me) wrote,
k+c 4 life!

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My head is going to explpoad!

Sometimes i hate living here soo much that it brings me to the point of tears, and this is one of those times. I feel so crapy, i have a headach and i want to take pills for it but it's not good to take something on an empty stomach so i get out some cheese and totillias to make food and mom decides to give happy (our cat) some medicine for his vommiting earlier so she gives it to him with some meat right next where i sat down the food and when i come back the cat thew up over the cheese bag.Needless to say i'm pissed, lost my appitite, and still have a headach.I really don't want to live here with my mom. or anywhere for matter of fact.
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