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Out of the shaddows

wow, so it's been so long.I was just reading my last entry and i have so much to catch up on. well not really I still work at Sylvan it will be three years in July. I have been there so long and i know what to do so i am excellent at my job and responsibilities.I make eleven $ an hour of which i had to ask for and it showed that i have balls and so i got what i wanted i'm glad it's the ,most i've ever made. with valentines day coming up i feel anxious! we agreed not to shower each other w/ gifts but he usually gets me Roses and chocolate =) so we (me and kevin) yes we are still together, coming up on our third year anniversary in march, of which we were so pose to get married...... He knows that i'm disappointed but we don't have enough money.....isn't that always the case. You think that being rich will make u happy, well i've been thinking that often. so the wedding date? who knows? maybe 2011? I hope not but we'll see.My sister is going to have a baby i'm excited about that! and also my cousin is so that will be good to have baby cousins, to be friends. Our Aunt Jean down the street is not doing good she has to walk with a cane now and makes these little noises of pain i feel so bad for her, she was always busy, busy and now she is not the same. almost everyday i go down and do odd jobs for her opening juice containers, bringing in cat litter etc.Today hopefully i'm going to hang out w/ my girlfriends, which is long overdue.... forgive me.. Mom is still the same obnoxious person saying stupid things.I can't think of anything else. so i won't make this any longer. -Cait-
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